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UK sanctions judges who rejected appeal of Kara-Murza's imprisonment - July 31 2023

The British Government has sanctioned 5 new individuals involved in the unlawful imprisonment of Kara-Murza, who will be subject to travel bans and asset freezes.

The sanctioned individuals are:

  • Vitaly Alexsandrovich Belitsky and Ekaterina Mikhailovna Dorokhina: both Moscow City Court Judges who convicted and sentenced Mr Kara-Murza on charges of treason, membership of an undesirable group and ‘fake news’

  • Natalia Nikolaevna Dudar: a Basmanny District Court Judge who further extended Mr Kara-Murza’s pre-trial detention

  • Boris Georgievich Loktionov: the lead prosecutor in the trial who described Mr Kara-Murza as “an enemy of the state” and pressed for the maximum sentence

  • Danila Yurievich Mikheev: an expert witness for the Russian government who claimed Kara-Murza’s statements on the Russian armed forces amounted to knowingly spreading false information – which served as part of the basis on which judge Elena Lenskaya ordered Mr Kara-Murza be held

  • Anna Evgenievna Potychko: Prosecutor who supported the denial of Kara-Murza’s appeal against his pre-trial detention

The UK PM Rishi Sunak has called the imprisonment of Kara-Murza "unjustifiable" and"unfounded."

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly called for the immediate release of Kara-Murza, imprisoned under "bogus charges."



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